High-performance full-strength fabric softener.

– Helps reduce fading, pilling and stretching

– Has a pleasant scent, not overpowering

– Full strength means useless

For Industrial, Institutional and Food Plant use only. Luxurious conditioner for all garments that adds extra freshness to the whole wash with a pleasant lavender scent. Designed for use in all commercial machines.

Formulated to condition clothes and linen

For commercial laundries, the preferred method of use is by automatic dosing machines in the form of built-in timers on the washers and after-market add-on units that control the amount of product used per cycle/load.

See your Dimachem Representative for proper dosing settings. This product is designed for use with automatic dosing equipment. Items require a potable water rinse prior to food contact.

Contains: Water, IPA, propylene glycol, diethyl triamine, benzene sulfonic acid, dye, and fragrance.