Dimachem Inc. is a Chemical Blending and Packaging Company that is located in Windsor, Ontario. We are a company that is 51 years young, and we are certified with ISO 9001, 14001, & 45001. Additionally, we are an employee-owned company that manufactures our own products and also offers toll blending services for various markets such as Automotive, Industrial, Agricultural, and Institutional.

Our growth has been organic and has been attributed to our excellent product technology, customer service, and value proposition. However, we are now looking to expand our growth through acquisitions. If you are selling or brokering a business that meets our specific criteria, we encourage you to contact us directly. We are also open to JV or partial buyouts, and we welcome retiring owners or owners who want to take a step back while still playing an active role.

We are interested in acquiring businesses that are involved in industrial or institutional chemical manufacturing and/or distribution, but not in pharmaceutical or personal care. Our main focus is on businesses that are related to our expertise in metal cleaners, metal forming lubricants & coolants, corrosion inhibitors, paint strippers, Jan san, laundry, ware wash, and water & wastewater chemicals.



Toll/Contract Mfg
or CPG Co-Packer
Jan San
Laundry or Warewash
service or distribution
Water Treatment
sales or distribution

We are particularly interested in businesses located in Ontario, Quebec, or the Great Lakes states. The ideal size of the business we are looking for is less than $10M in sales. We consider warehouses, rail links, and logistics services as assets, and we are also open to turnarounds or low EBITDA businesses.

We welcome brokers to contact us, but we kindly request that you only send us candidates that meet the specific criteria we have outlined. If you have a business that meets our acquisition goals, please contact us at [email protected]. In the subject line, please include "Responding to Public Notice of Dimachem's Acquisition Goals," and a member of our executive team will promptly reply to you.