Toll Manufacturing + Packaging

Dimachem Toll Manufactures and Packages chemical products for both large and growing companies. We have large and small clients in CPG and understand all the requirements of this market. We also have large and small clients in industrial specialty chemicals for catalysts, fire retardation, garden products, agricultural, boiler treatment, descaling, nanotechnology, personal care, sanitizers and disinfectants, cleaners, battery electrolyte mfg, Lithium recovery and many other industrial fields.

We are professional, experienced, and reliable. We blend in our ISO-certified facility with a long history of quality and accurate production. We have large liquid and powder blending cells. 

We can ship your product in bulk tankers, totes (IBC's), drums, pails, or bottles from 2.5G, 1G, 1 Litre or quart and smaller and custom configurations.

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Dimachem has the knowledge and expertise to manufacturer your formula(s) to your exact requirements. All our manufacturing is done in strict confidence to protect your formula and proprietary information. We are ready and able to meet your strict standards for quality, delivery, competitive pricing and service. As a large chemical raw material purchaser in Ontario, you can take advantage of our purchasing power and have your products blended quickly and economically. Dimachem maintains thousands of chemical formulations and can manufacture, package, store, and distribute specialty chemicals for you.





Toll Blending

If you have a proprietary formula, or need industrial chemicals and are looking for a chemical company that can make it for you, call on Dimachem. Because of our size, when we purchase from top raw material chemical companies, we receive a volume discount. We pass that savings on to you. We can package in small bottles, pails, drums, totes or tankers. We also work efficiently: Dimachem strives for a two-three day turnaround on all toll blending orders.


Private Labeling

Co-packing & Private Labeling

Let us be your private label chemical supplier: Dimachem offers its toll blending services with your company‚Äôs branding or logo across all labels and shipping documents. We work closely with our customers to find the perfect solution for your packaging requirements. We have a multiple state of the art packaging lines with a flexible configuration that can package your product in containers as small as 100ml (4 ox) up to 2.5 gallons, and of course pails, drums, totes and bulk tankers. We can add bar codes or any kind of specialty identification or packaging you may need.

Chemical Distribution

With over 65,000 square feet of chemical blending and storage, Dimachem can warehouse and ship products directly to you or your customers. We have Ontario warehouses in Windsor, London, and GTA.