EZ GUARD EMULSION 53L is a superior rust-proofing oil and emulsion cleaner. It is alkali stable under normal conditions and when used at 5% to 15% by volume it imparts corrosion resistance to steel and/or cast iron parts. EZ GUARD EMULSION 53L has no objectionable odour and no hazardous ingredients harmful to the skin.

1. The mixed emulsion can be used from ambient to 160°F


2. Will clean the metal of previous metalworking compounds.


3. After its cleaning effect, it wets out over the part leaving a light consistent protective film.


4. The lower the concentration you are able to use the drier to the touch the parts will be.


5. The protective film was formulated for maximum compatibility with downstream painting processes. It is easily removed with typical alkali cleaners found in pretreat systems.



At a concentration of 5% to 8% by volume, EZ GUARD EMULSION 53L will protect ferrous parts from red rust for 4 to 6 weeks. At 9% to 15% by volume the corrosion protection increases to 2 to 3 months providing that the following conditions are met:


1. Parts are handled with clean gloves to prevent any hand moisture from coming in contact with the parts after being coated.
2. Parts are stored indoors where the relative humidity is less than 25%.
3. Parts are stored in areas where they cannot come into contact with condensation, rain, chemical misting, chemical splash, etc.
4. When parts are shipped, they should be packaged with Vapour phase corrosion inhibitors foam (such as EZ GUARD TEM) and in such a manner that condensation cannot form on the parts and in the packaging container. This is especially true during the winter season when parts may be shipped at room temperature, cool down during transport, and then heat up upon delivery.

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