EZ GUARD CORROSION INHIBITOR EYM is a water-soluble environmentally friendly mixture of alkaline salts which provides premium corrosion protection on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

1. Provides good rust inhibition for ferrous metals while exhibiting excellent compatibility with non-ferrous alloys.


2. Low foaming and stability even in hard water.


3. Can be easily cleaned off with an alkaline cleaner and or water depending on the concentration at which it was applied. Your Dimachem Representative will recommend the appropriate cleaner to use.

EZ GUARD CORROSION INHIBITOR EYM can be used in either immersion or spray applications. It can be used at ambient temperature, in immersion processes but in spray applications at a temperature of 120°F. is recommended.


EZ GUARDTM CORROSION INHIBITOR EYM should be metered into the system at a rate to maintain a concentration of 1/2% to 20% by volume depending on the application and end-use.

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