WINTER RINSE IT is a versatile and effective solution for maintaining the pristine appearance of your floors—our resilient tile and floor cleaner. Specifically formulated for use on a variety of surfaces, including stone, terrazzo, concrete, and more, this cleaning solution is designed to combat the challenges posed by excess alkalinity, which may lead to dulling and adhesion issues over time.


Biodegradable Formula:  The cleaning solution is environmentally friendly, breaking down naturally over time and reducing its ecological impact.

Versatile Application:  Suitable for use in both auto scrubbers and mop-on applications, providing flexibility in cleaning methods.

Preparation: Clean floors normally using BACTIZYME ALL PURPOSE CLEANER to remove soil residues. Ensure that the surface is free from loose dirt and debris.

Dilution of WINTER RINSE IT:  Dilute WINTER RINSE IT based on the severity of the salt film: For light to moderate salt film: Mix at a ratio of 1:128 (1 US Oz per gallon of water).

For heavy salt film: Mix at a ratio of 1:64 (2 US Oz per gallon of water).

Application with Autoscrubber or Mop: 

If using an auto scrubber:  Apply the diluted WINTER RINSE IT solution in the machine’s solution tank. Use light-cleaning red pads for the auto scrubber. Turn on the vacuum function of the auto scrubber to pick up a residual solution during the cleaning process.

If using a mop:  Apply the diluted WINTER RINSE IT solution using a mop and pail. Ensure thorough coverage of the floor surface.

Mop or Autoscrubber Pass:  For auto scrubber users:  Run the auto scrubber over the floor, allowing the cleaning solution to agitate and remove the salt film. Ensure the vacuum function is active to pick up the residual solution.

For mop users:  Damp mop the floor, making sure to address areas with salt film. If there is a heavy salt film, additional passes may be necessary. Rinse with Clean Water (if Mopping): 

If mopping is chosen as the method of application: Damp mop the floor a second time, this time with clean water to remove any remaining residues.

Allow Drying:  Allow the floor to thoroughly dry before proceeding to the next step. Ensure that the surface is completely dry to the touch.

Burnishing (After Drying):  Once the floor is dry, proceed with burnishing if desired. Ensure that the floor is ready for burnishing and follow the appropriate equipment guidelines.

By following this method, you’ll effectively use WINTER RINSE IT to remove the salt film from the floor, leaving a clean and residue-free surface.

Adjust the dilution ratios based on the level of salt film for optimal results.     

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