Wash It – Power is a heavy-duty alkaline detergent concentrate designed for cleaning floors and walls, especially in food preparation areas where oils and fats from food can build up. It is also suitable for cleaning hard surface floors where the soils are due to foot traffic and general industrial spills which have been ground into the floor and are not easily cleaned by normal cleaning products.

Surfaces which can be cleaned with Wash It – Power include tiles, stainless steel, PVC safety flooring and laminated plastic.

Wash It – Power is a strongly alkaline product containing sodium hydroxide and can be used as a floor stripper.

By Hand Swabbing: Apply the diluted product from a bowl or bucket using a cloth or sponge, wiping over the surface to break down dirt and grease. A short-handled cotton or foam-headed mop helps avoid contact with hands. Remove excess cleaning solution with a cloth and follow with a water rinse. The cleaning solution is not toxic or harmful but requires a water rinse to remove alkaline residues. Wipe dry with a cloth or paper wiper. Impermeable rubber, nitrile or PVC gloves and eye goggles must be worn when handling this product because it is a strong alkali and will cause burns to skin and eyes. Even the diluted, in-use, cleaning solution will cause irritation to the skin and eyes.

Mop and Bucket: Apply the diluted product using a mop which has been soaked in the cleaning solution and then wrung to almost dry (damp mopping). For stubborn soiling allow a little more solution into the mop and work into the floor to loosen dirt. Dry with the wrung-out mop.

Trigger Sprayer:

Wash It – Power solutions can be used through a trigger sprayer but caution must be exercised when spraying. Adjust the spray nozzle so that the spray is almost a jet and is not finely atomized. A highly atomized spray can cause irritation to the skin (arms and face) if carelessly used or in a draughty situation.


Caution: Do not use aluminum.

Do not use on polished or sealed floors (unless these are being stripped for refinishing.)

Do not allow concentrated products to evaporate to dryness on vinyl floors. It could result in staining.

Do not use in drains or lines in which acid-type cleaners have recently been used or where acid waste products have accumulated.


For optimum economy and performance, we recommend that cleaning solutions are prepared using the proper dosing equipment.

This does not have to be elaborate or expensive.

A stork (or pelican) pump can be placed into a 5-litre bottle of the Wash It – Power concentrate and a single press of the pump delivers 28ml of the product into the trigger bottle. When topped up to 588ml this gives a working solution at 1:20 dilution.

The same pump can be used for making a bowl or bucket of cleaning solution. 2 squirts of the pump deliver 56ml concentrate into a bowl or bucket and this can be made up to 5.6 litres to obtain a dilution of 1:100.


All food processing areas, butcher shops, bakeries, dairies, restaurants and cafes, university halls or residences (facilities), kitchens and canteens, change rooms and athletic shower facilities.

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