Wash It – Neutral is a neutral multi-purpose cleaner concentrate containing powerful but mild penetrating agents, fast-acting emulsifiers and soil-suspending agents. It is highly economical and requires no scrubbing or rinsing. Just spray or mop Wash It – Neutral on to any washable surface, allow it to penetrate and lift the dirt, and then pick it up with a mop or cloth to leave a thoroughly clean area.

It is always used diluted with water and is safe to use on metal, plastic, concrete and rubber surfaces.

Wash It – Neutral is a genuine multi-purpose cleaner, that is used in a diverse range of situations for cleaning floors, woodwork, plastic or painted surfaces. It will also clean glass, rubber linoleum, vinyl or asphalt tiles, marble or terrazzo surfaces, etc.

It can also be used for cleaning small components and jewellery in ultrasonic tanks.

By Trigger Sprayer for Walls, Tiles Work Surfaces:

Spray over the surface and leave for a few seconds to penetrate any fats or grease, then wipe off with paper.

By Trigger Sprayer for Upholstery:

Spray over the surface, then agitate the soiled area with a foam sponge. Remove with a wet and dry vac or wipe dry with low lint absorbent cloth such as terry towelling and leave to air dry.

By Hand Swabbing:

Apply the diluted product from a bowl or bucket using a cloth or sponge, wiping over the surface to break down dirt and grease. Remove excess cleaning solution with a paper towel and wipe to dry.

Mop and Bucket:

Suitable for cleaning floors. Apply the diluted product using a mop which has been soaked in the cleaning solution and then wrung to almost dry (damp mopping).

Ultrasonic Tank:

Immerse (preferably suspend) soiled articles in the cleaning solution and switch on the ultrasonic. Leave for a few minutes depending on soiling, remove, rinse with plain water and allow to dry.



Where Wash It – Neutral is being used regularly by multiple users it will be worthwhile to use some kind of dispensing equipment in order to obtain consistent dilution and hence economy. This can be done simply by using a stork dispenser which sits on top of a 5-litre polybottle of Wash It – Neutral. Each stroke of the pump will dispense 30ml of Wash It – Neutral concentrate. This can be used to dose into trigger bottles or buckets. Alternatively, it can be dispensed using a feed tube from the Wash It – Neutral via a venturi jet feeding into the water flow from the tap. The cleaning solution will already be diluted to the correct level as the water flow sucks up the Wash It – Neutral through the jet.

Your Dimachem representative will be happy to advise about dispensing options and set-up.

It is not necessary to use hot water. Cold water is suitable for trigger sprayers. Warm water can be used for bowls and buckets for slightly better cleaning performance.



– Housekeeping: floors, walls, ceilings, blinds, paintwork and shower stalls

– Gyms and recreational centres, squash court walls, grass stains from sports equipment and lawnmowers

– UPVC window frames and garden furniture

– Printing: removes ink from printing rollers, presses and duplicating machinery

– Marine: removes mildew and salt stains

– Industrial: removes grease and grime from machinery and small components, removes built-up resin from saw blades, planers and sanding belts.

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