WASH IT – LAVENDER freshens and perfumes the air as it cleans. It is a highly effective air, fabric and surface deodorizer designed to neutralize a wide range of odours such as tobacco, kitchen, bathroom and waste smell.

WASH IT – LAVENDER is a unique formula that combines air freshener, odour absorbents and an all-purpose cleaner package in one.

WASH IT – LAVENDER is an excellent hard surface cleaner. Supplied as a concentrate, Wash It – Lavender is a cost-effective housekeeping solution that eliminates the need for using aerosol propellant gases.

WASH IT – LAVENDER is phosphate-free.


Cleaning by Mop and Bucket:

Apply diluted to all hard surfaces. For heavily soiled surfaces allow solution to set a few minutes before mopping/wiping. Rinsing is not required.

Cleaning by Trigger Sprayer: Adjust the spray nozzle so that the spray is a fine mist. Spray the surface and wipe. Rinsing is not required. For heavily soiled areas, allow the solution to sit on the surface prior to wiping.

Deodorizing by Trigger Sprayer: Adjust the trigger sprayer to deliver a fine mist around the room as required to eliminate all unpleasant odours.


Use in all areas where the need arises to clean and dispel odours. Use on surfaces that are not harmed by water. Use to clean and deodorize in hotels, cars and homes.

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