Heavy Metal Protection

TUXTON DEEP PURPLE GREASE is an extreme-pressure; multipurpose NLGI 2 grease engineered exclusively for Heavy-Duty On-Road, Off-Road and Industrial applications. Deep Purple can provide lubrication in higher-temperature problem areas covering a temperature range of 40 ºF to 400 ºF. TUXTON DEEP PURPLE GREASE was developed for applications where an especially tenacious grease is needed. Easily identified by its purple colour, Deep Purple performs in higher-temperature and problem areas It is excellent for use in industrial equipment in which an adhesive, stay-put grease is preferred. The high-temperature properties, adhesive and tenacious stay-put qualities that Deep Purple exhibits make it the perfect choice for your Heavy Metal.

Excellent Work Stability – Extremely stable lithium complex formula retains its consistency even in the most severe service.

Oxidation and Rust Resistance – Special additives protect machinery components from rust and corrosion, thereby extending equipment service life in the presence of moisture or high temperatures.

Extreme Pressure and Anti-Wear Protection –Additives provide excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear protection under severe conditions.

Apply to:


– Ball Bearings

– Ball Joints

– Bushings

– Fifth Wheels

– Pins

– Roller Bearings

– U-Joints

– Wheel Bearings

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