The primary application for Stainless Steel Shine It is a high-performance lubricant and sealant for use in food plants. In humid atmospheres and under heavy pressures it will cling and not degrade. Stainless Steel Shine It is odourless, colourless and non-toxic. Stainless Steel Shine It is also used as a polish for stainless steel. When wiped onto stainless steel it imparts a gloss finish. This is particularly useful for stainless steel furniture in front of houses such as fish and chip shops and display cabinets also for lift doors.

Lubricates and Protects

– Works in temperatures from sub-zero to 130°C

– Non-tainting and food safe

– High gloss finish on stainless steel

Lubricating Machinery:

Using a brush or trigger sprayer, apply liberally to moving components.

As a Polish:

Using a trigger sprayer apply to stainless steel surface and wipe over to a very thin film. Alternatively, pour a little Stainless Steel Shine It onto a cloth and wipe over the stainless steel surface. A little Stainless Steel Shine It goes a long way – a quick spray from a trigger sprayer followed by a wipe over with a cloth or paper towel is sufficient to bring up a sheen on stainless steel.


Sawmills (saw blades), dairies, bakeries, bottling plants, abattoirs, food processing plants, poultry processors, canners, vegetable packers, animal feed mills.

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