To be used in the final step to neutralize any traces of alkalinity in the fabrics by restoring pH to the correct level and assist with the removal of rust and iron stains that may be present.

SOUR NP has been formulated for industrial and institutional application it is normally added automatically using a programmable dosing unit. It is concentrated to provide for economical use.

– Highly concentrated and formulated to help control iron stains

– Contains ingredients to neutralize residual alkalinity in commercial and on-premise laundries

Dosing by automatic dosing system. For industrial or institutional laundries the preferred method of use is by automatic dosing machine. The washing detergent components, laundry liquid detergent, alkalinity booster, oxygen bleach, Sour and concentrated fabric softener are automatically dosed in the correct ratios every time a wash is started. The product¬†may allow for a reduced dosage rate for the laundry detergent when used for regular soil levels. However, when used for laundering heavily soiled items such as workmen’s overalls, Dimachem laundry System components should be used at normal dosages. Dose Rate – 3 ml/kg dry laundry