Sodium Nitrite, Pure Liquor is an odourless, clear, pale yellow-coloured liquid.

Chemical and dye source of nitrous acid. Corrosion inhibitor in antifreeze, paints, oil tanks and pipelines. Oxidizing agent and depolarizer in detinning. Phosphate coatings. Gold plating baths. Heat transfer salt. Polymer inhibitor for synthetic rubber. Nitrous acid source for accelerators, retarders and antioxidants/antiozonants. Foam rubber blowing agent. Wastewater treatment odour control and bacteria activity inhibitor.

Note, this product may be subject to countervailing duties if imported into the USA. Therefore, Dimachem only sells this to the CDN market EXW Windsor, Ontario. If you have any interest to import this into the USA you must do this on your own and be the registered importer of record as Dimachem does not offer it for export sale. 
For Methods of use, please contact your Dimachem sales representative directly. 

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