SINK WASH IT – LEMON is a neutral detergent concentrate. It is suitable for use in both hard and soft water areas. It is for manual washing only, do not use in dish machines.

SINK WASH IT – LEMON contains a combination of biodegradable surface-active agents, foam boosters, and soil-suspending agents. It effectively cuts through grease and soil.

The product is safe to use for all food contact surfaces and will not cause tainting of food. Food contact surfaces are to be rinsed with potable water before re-use. Avoid contamination of food while the product is stored or during use.

Washing Items in a Sink or Bowl:

Immerse items and wipe them with a cloth, brush or sponge to loosen grease and soil. Allow to drain dry or wipe dry.

Alternative Use – Hand Swabbing:

Apply the diluted product from a bowl or bucket using a cloth or sponge, wiping over the surface to break down dirt and grease. Remove excess cleaning solution with paper wiper and wipe to dry. Food contact surfaces must be rinsed with potable water prior to re-use.


In commercial kitchens where washing up is an ongoing, regular job, it is recommended that a dispensing unit is used to obtain the optimum dose of product for each bowl or sink of cleaning solution.

This is a simple device that delivers 15-30ml Lemon Wash per press of a button. Your local Dimachem representative can advise.

Alternatively, SINK WASH IT – LEMON can be dosed by simply squirting the product through a flip-top cap directly into a bowl or bucket of water. This is not an accurate dose but will often be accurate enough for the situation.


All food processing areas, restaurants and cafes, kitchens and canteens. Also used for floors, walls, cars, caravans, counters, worktops and tables.

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