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Sanitize quickly through immersion method or mechanical Economical to use For Commercial Institutional and Food Plant Use Only.


Sanitize by immersion: Wash dishes and utensils in a suitable detergent, rinse in potable water with temperature not lower than 24 Celsius, immerse rinsed dishes in rinse tank at a temperature not lower than 24 Celsius with 16ml of IODA Sani Rinse per Litre of water, an iodine test kit must be used to verify 25 ppm available iodine and must soak for no less than 45 seconds. Automatic fed dish washers and glass washers: Place bottle of Ioda Sani Rinse on machine and insert proper sanitizer line in bottle, machine will automatically feed product into machine. Contact your local Dimachem representative for proper calibration of chemical. final iodine must be minimum 25 ppm available iodine, a proper low iodine test kit must be used to verify ppm.