Very effective Bus wash soap for automatic wash racks for busses and trucks.

– High Lubricity to protect brushes (enhanced wear life)

– Ideal foaming for washrack to clean and rinse spot free in one pass

– Contains TFR’s to protect the finish

– Effective in summer and Winter Conditions

Softer water requires fewer chemicals. When applied this way the product produces creamy foam which remains in place on vertical surfaces for up to 15 minutes-allowing good contact time for the active ingredients to penetrate and loosen soils. Follow with a plain water rinse.


Your Dimachem Representative will be able to set the dilution to the most economical and efficient level by using his titration test kit to test the strength of the cleaning solution as it leaves the nozzle.


Can also be applied:


Manually: Using a long-handled brush from a bucket. This is particularly suitable for cleaning difficult-to-reach areas such as behind truck cabins and wheel spoke crevices and is often a supplement to pressure washing or arch washing.

Pre-Spray: Make up the cleaning solution in a low-pressure sprayer and apply it over the entire surface of the vehicle. Leave for 1 minute for the chemicals to work and follow with a high-pressure water rinse.

Pressure Washer: Adjust the feed venturi jet to deliver a dilution of up to 1:128. Your Dimachem Representative will help to check the solution strength. Pressure wash the entire vehicle with this solution. Leave for up to 15 minutes then switch off the chemical feed and power rinse clean with plain water.

By Brush: Make up the cleaning solution in a bucket. Use a long-handled brush to clean difficult-to-reach areas and wheels. Follow with a plain water rinse or with the main vehicle wash.



Car, truck and bus washing, food transport vehicles and livestock vehicles, equipment and premises.

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