POWERFORCE ALUMINUM WASH is a non-etching mildly acidic cleaner designed for aluminum and stainless steel applications. Powerforce Aluminum Wash is a liquid cleaner formulated with powerful solvency and surfactants to tackle the most difficult soils.

It contains non-ionic surface active agents and solvency designed for the removal of road soils with minimal friction/labour.

POWERFORCE ALUMINUM WASH is commonly used on bare aluminum and stainless steel surfaces that require a robust cleaner that will not damage the surface.

POWERFORCE ALUMINUM WASH can also be used with a pressure washer or applied by brush.

Pressure Washer:

Pre-soak the surface with a 1:10 solution. Apply using a low-pressure sprayer fitted with a foaming lance. Spray over the entire surface of the vehicle and leave for up to 1 minute. Follow with a high-pressure water rinse or the main vehicle wash.

Manual Brush:

Make up the cleaning solution in a bucket. Use a long handled brush to clean difficult to reach areas and wheels. Follow with a plain water

rinse or with the main vehicle wash.


Car and truck wheel washing, bulk transport vehicles.

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