OXYFRESH SANITIZER is a Peracetic acid C.I.P. sanitizer that significantly reduces the number of bacteria in the milking system.

Peracetic acid-based C.I.P. sanitizer (Peroxyacetic acid + Hydrogen peroxide) provides an even stronger oxidizing potential than Chlorine or Chlorine dioxide. Significantly reduces the number of bacteria in the milking system.

– Concentrated formula available in pails, 55L drums and 205L drums

– Less corrosive than chlorine bleach

– Low-foaming

– Decomposes to water, oxygen and acetic acid (vinegar)

– A water rinse is not necessary

– CFIA approved & DIN certified

1. OXYFRESH SANITIZER is formulated to be used after recommended DIMACHEM detergent and acid flush.

2. Sanitize CIP or COP equipment by immersion, circulation or coarse spray sanitizing techniques, as appropriate.

3. Dilute 1.0 fl. oz. of OXYFRESH SANITIZER in 4 gallons of water. Do not exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit of sanitizing solution.

4. Expose equipment to the sanitizing solution for a minimum of 1 minute. increased circulation times will improve microbiological and or mineral removal results.

5. Adequately drain solution from equipment before resuming operations. The sanitizing solution should have a pH value of 2.5

6. A water rinse is not necessary.

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