KLENZTONE 2 is primarily the granite and marble cleaning formula of KLENZTONE. Whether the object you want to clean is as small as a tombstone or as large as a multi-story building, Klenztone #2 will quickly and easily remove years’ worth of built-up dirt and grime, revealing the natural beauty of stone hidden underneath.

KLENZTONE 2 comes ready to use, and surfaces are not pre-wetted. All you do is apply it, give it time to work and rinse with water. KLENZTONE does the work cleaning for you, and because any formula of KLENZTONE can be left to dry on the surfaces KLENZTONE 2 is recommended for cleaning without harm, there is no hurry rinsing it off.

– Approximately 200 – 300 sq. ft. per gallon, depending on the porosity of the surface.

– Patch Test Before using KLENZTONE on the surfaces that KLENZTONE 2 is recommended to clean, you must do a patch test. This determines its suitability and the proper formulation to use. Test the recommended formula first, it almost always works best. However, if it doesn’t give you a satisfactory result, use the next lower formula number, working down towards KLENZTONE 1, until you do. If you’re not sure which formula is recommended, start with KLENZTONE 4.

– Test KLENZTONE by pouring some of the formula into a plastic dish and applying a small amount to an inconspicuous area with a paintbrush. The cleaner begins working immediately, but it is important not to rinse too soon because it requires time to clean. On the difficult to clean surfaces, KLENZTONE 2 is recommended for, best results are usually achieved in 30 minutes to an hour.

– After allowing time for KLENZTONE to work, rinse your test spot. High-pressure water or agitation with a stiff-bristled brush may be necessary to knock off all the grime loosened by the cleaner. Look for a noticeable improvement in the surface’s appearance. This confirms that cleaning has taken place. When it occurs, do not evaluate your results yet. Masonry always appears darker while wet. Wait until the test area dries. Then, if it appears satisfactory, proceed with the cleaning operation. Otherwise, keep repeating the patch test, leaving the chemical on longer or using the next lower formulation no., until you get a satisfactory result.


When rinsing the test area, if there is no noticeable improvement in a surface’s appearance, then there is probably some type of varnish or sealer present, preventing KLENZTONE from working. In this case, strip the surface, using K & E Coating Remover® or another quality paint stripper and repeat the patch test.

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