**IRMCO products from Dimachem cannot be shipped outside CANADA**

IRMCO ® HIGH STRENGTH STEEL FORMULA products are specially engineered for next-generation high strength steel deep drawing, forming, blanking and piercing. They have been used to manufacture structural automotive components and a variety of HSS and AHSS (Advanced High Strength Steel) parts. IRMCO 146-492 is a next-generation product that uses IRMCO’s High Solids Polymer (HSP) technology. Provides a high-performance film that protects tooling and increases metal flow as required with the demanding and abrasive nature of HSS and AHSS materials. The product has low toxicity and superior paint compatibility. Compatible with some galvanized and galvannealed substrates (verify with IRMCO lab).

To be used diluted or as received. The application can be via spray, brush, dip, wipe, or roller. Ask your Dimachem technical representative for dilution recommendation.

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