Clean, sparkling glasses never fail to give your customers a good impression of your business. GLASSWASH IT has been formulated for use in both hard and soft water areas to remove grease and protein without causing damage to the glasses, unlike many caustic machine wash products.

It is used in commercial glass wash machines in pubs, restaurants, cafes and contract caterers where beer and wine glasses need to be washed completely and quickly.

GLASSWASH IT will remove dried-on beer and wine residues as well as lipstick marks.

GLASSWASH IT contains a blend of mild alkalis and sequestrates. It rapidly breaks down grease, starch and protein. It also contains ingredients to minimize the chemical effect of the wash solution on glasses, giving them a longer service life.

GLASSWASH IT should be used in combination with Rinse Aid which helps the water shedding in the rinse stage which speeds drying and leaves glasses sparkling and free of water spots.

Automatic Dosing:

GLASSWASH IT is used in commercial kitchens and is added to the washer via an automatic dosing unit. It should always be used in conjunction with a rinse aid.

Most commercial installations are fitted with a twin port dosing unit for the liquid detergent and rinse aid.

GLASSWASH IT is fed into the machine via the automatic dosing unit through a transparent plastic tube. The dose rate is set at the time of installation.

Your local Dimachem representative will be happy to advise on installation of dosing units if required and setting the unit to achieve the optimum dose rate.


Cut glass or lead crystal glasses are best washed by hand using SINK WASH and SINK WASH IT – LEMON. Even relatively mild alkalis can affect the clarity of these glasses.


For optimum economy and performance, we recommend that an automatic dosing system is installed. Ask your Dimachem representative for details.

First time users of Glasswash It can ask their Dimachem representative for the dose rate to be set correctly and this will be done with the aid of a testing kit. This should be reviewed periodically.

Hand dosing is not normally recommended but can be done where use is infrequent.

Care must be taken when handling the product because it is an alkaline liquid. Impermeable gloves and goggles must be worn when handling.


All types of commercial glass wash machines are found in restaurants and cafes, kitchens and canteens, event facilities and pubs.

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