FRESHKLEEN COLOUR SAFE is a high-concentrate, hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner that offers a fresh clean scent and superior cleaning performance. Its fully biodegradable and non-bleaching formula makes it environmentally friendly. With its residue-free and non-rinsing properties, it provides convenience and efficiency. Whether for laundry stains or various surfaces, FRESHKLEEN COLOUR SAFE is a reliable and versatile solution that effectively eliminates odors and leaves your surroundings clean and refreshed.

FRESHKLEEN COLOUR SAFE is a versatile all-purpose cleaner that offers a pleasant cleaning experience with its fresh clean scent. Designed to tackle most types of dirt and grime, this cleaner provides excellent results in various cleaning applications. Its high-performance formula is based on Hydrogen Peroxide, ensuring powerful cleaning action, while being fully biodegradable and non-bleaching.

With FRESHKLEEN COLOUR SAFE, you can enjoy the convenience of a cleaner that leaves no residue, eliminating the need for rinsing after use. This time-saving feature makes it a practical choice for quick and efficient cleaning tasks.

When it comes to laundry stains on colored fabrics, FRESHKLEEN COLOUR SAFE can be used as a pre-soak, effectively treating various stains such as pet stains, blood, red wine, and more. Its reliable stain-fighting capabilities make it an ideal choice for maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of colored fabrics.

FRESHKLEEN COLOUR SAFE goes beyond fabric care and can be applied to a wide range of surfaces. It is particularly effective on glazed ceramic tile and grout, effortlessly removing grease and grime. Additionally, it can be used on windows, mirrors, floors, walls, carpets, restrooms, and kitchens without leaving streaks. This versatility ensures that FRESHKLEEN COLOUR SAFE can be your go-to cleaner for multiple cleaning tasks around your home or workspace.

To effectively use FRESHKLEEN COLOUR SAFE, begin by removing any loose soils present on the surface. Before proceeding, it is advisable to conduct a color test on an inconspicuous area to ensure that the product does not affect the color of the surface. Adjust the concentration of the product as needed and apply it generously by spraying until the surface is thoroughly covered and soaked. When using the product on fabrics, it is important to refrain from scrubbing the area. Instead, allow the product to work over time and ensure proper air exposure. Please note that FRESHKLEEN COLOUR SAFE should not be used on marble or any other surfaces or containers that are not resistant to acids.

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