FRESHKLEEN COLOUR SAFE MAX, proudly made in Canada, is a top-tier cleaning solution specifically designed for industrial, institutional, and food plant use. With its exceptional performance, this product effectively meets the rigorous demands of professional cleaning applications.

The highly concentrated formula of FRESHKLEEN COLOUR SAFE MAX ensures maximum cleaning power while minimizing product usage. This concentration provides excellent value for money, making it an economical choice for large-scale cleaning needs.

This product takes environmental responsibility seriously as it is inherently biodegradable. It breaks down naturally over time, minimizing its impact on the environment and promoting sustainability.

FRESHKLEEN COLOUR SAFE MAX is formulated without the use of phosphates, eliminating the presence of environmentally harmful substances. This eco-friendly approach ensures that your cleaning practices align with sustainable principles.

In addition to its environmental benefits, FRESHKLEEN COLOUR SAFE MAX is free from dyes, fragrances, and thickeners. This formulation prioritizes simplicity and safety, making it a reliable choice for various cleaning applications.

Another remarkable feature of FRESHKLEEN COLOUR SAFE MAX is its effectiveness in both hard and soft water. Whether you’re dealing with mineral-rich hard water or softer water sources, this product consistently delivers exceptional cleaning performance.

When it comes to professional cleaning, FRESHKLEEN COLOUR SAFE MAX is the trusted choice. Manufactured in Canada, this high-performance, highly concentrated, inherently biodegradable, phosphate-free, dye-free, fragrance-free, and thickeners-free cleaner ensures effective and environmentally conscious cleaning results in industrial, institutional, and food plant environments.

To effectively use FRESHKLEEN COLOUR SAFE MAX, follow the recommended method of use for different applications:

  1. Commercial Laundries and Carpet Cleaning:
    • For commercial laundries and carpet cleaning associated with care homes, nursing homes, hotels, health centers, and spas, FRESHKLEEN COLOUR SAFE MAX is a reliable choice.
    • Dilute the product according to the severity of the soils and the specific application.
    • Recommended dilution rates may vary from 10:1 up to 500:1.
    • Adjust the dilution ratio accordingly to achieve optimal cleaning results.
    • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper mixing and application.
  2. All-Purpose Cleaning for Hard Surfaces and Tested Fabrics:
    • FRESHKLEEN COLOUR SAFE MAX can be used for all-purpose cleaning on a variety of hard surfaces and fabrics that have been tested for compatibility.
    • Dilute the product based on the severity of the soils and the specific surface or fabric being cleaned.
    • Dilution rates may vary depending on the level of dirt and stains.
    • Start with a recommended dilution ratio and adjust as needed for effective cleaning.
    • Apply the diluted solution to the surface or fabric using a suitable cleaning method, such as spraying or wiping.
    • Allow the product to dwell for a sufficient amount of time to break down soils and stains.
    • For fabrics, ensure proper exposure to air and do not scrub the area to prevent damage.
    • Rinse or wipe away the solution, if necessary, following the manufacturer’s instructions or as appropriate for the surface or fabric being cleaned.

Always refer to your Dimachem representative’s instructions for specific guidelines on dilution ratios, application methods, and any additional precautions. Proper testing and compatibility checks should be conducted before using FRESHKLEEN COLOUR SAFE MAX on any surface or fabric to ensure optimal performance and prevent any potential damage. Dilution rates vary from 10:1 up to 500:1 depending on the application and severity of the soils.