Freshkleen Alkali is a highly concentrated liquid alkali builder/booster that is phosphate-free and is excellent at preventing the re-deposition of soils. Different formulations have been made to be effective in all types of water conditions. A Dimachem representative will assist in finding the right product to suit your laundry needs.

– Superior alkalinity source

– Effective in all hard water conditions

– Safe on all fabric types

– Cost-effective to use

– Free rinsing, does not cause yellowing

– Highest strength possible

– Contains Brighteners

For commercial laundries, the preferred method of use is by automatic dosing machines in the form of built-in timers on the washers and after-market add-on units that control the amount of product used per cycle/load. Water conditions will vary, a Dimachem representative will discuss and assign the right product for your water type.

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