1 pcs fermentation tube with a foot support base

– Long-necked elbow with a high-foot base and a scale with a glass base.
– The lower end of the tube is made into a curved neck and a spherical port, and a volume marking is engraved on the wall of the tube.
– It is used for storing the fermentation broth to be measured and collecting carbon dioxide gas generated in the fermentation broth for measurement.
– The bottom has a large base for easy placement.
– A glass rod is connected between the fermentation tube and the bottom for fixing the fermentation tube.

Suitable for the food industry, yeast factory, brewery and other units, for the determination of yeast fermentation efficiency, as well as the bacterial hygiene test in medicine, the fermentation test of water, milk, and sewage. For example, in bacteriology, glycogen undergoes anaerobic decomposition in the tissue to produce lactic acid.

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