FAD Plus is a must have for any commercial kitchen or food processing area. It quickly removes animal fats, grease & grime and allows you to effectively clean, sanitize and degrease with one product.

This product is food-safe, which means that you do not have to wash off before you start working on the surface and importantly it will cost you significantly less per trigger sprayer than other same type products purchased at retail outlets.

This product is perfect for “clean-as-you-go” processes. There are no lengthy dwell times because FAD Plus starts
Killing bacteria on contact and effectively sanitizes in Seconds. Weaker products often recommend 5 minutes’ dwell time before being wiped off! In a busy food operation who has time to do that?

FAD Plus can be used to effectively clean walls, floors and worktop surfaces such as tiles, laminated plastic or stainless steel.

The product is safe to use for all food contact surfaces and will not cause tainting of food as all of its ingredients are food grade and food safe. Simply spray the work surface, wipe with disposable paper, and start preparing food all over again.

By Trigger Sprayer:
Spray the diluted product onto the surface to be cleaned. Wait a few seconds to allow the cleaning solution to penetrate into the grease, then wipe the surface clean using paper towels. It is not necessary to follow with a water rinse. The surface will not be tainted.

By Hand Cleaning:
Apply the diluted product from a bowl or bucket using a cloth or sponge, wiping over the surface to break down dirt and grease. Remove excess cleaning solution with a paper towel and wipe to dryness.

Washing Items in Bowl or Sink:
Immerse items and wipe them with a cloth, brush or sponge to loosen grease and soil. Allow to drain dry or wipe dry with a paper towel.

Mop and Bucket:
Suitable for cleaning floors. Apply the diluted product using a mop which has been soaked in the cleaning solution then wrung to almost dry (damp mopping). For stubborn soiling allow a little more solution into the mop and work into the floor to loosen dirt. Dry with the wrung out mop.

Foaming Spray:
Apply through a foaming applicator to the surfaces to be cleaned. Allow the foamed cleaning solution to penetrate. Rinse off with fresh water.

When cleaning surfaces or items using the bowl or bucket methods, the cleaning solution should be changed
regularly if biocidal activity is to be maintained, since the biocidal activity is affected by contamination of the cleaning solution with soils. The cleaning properties are not affected. Biocidal activity is not affected when cleaning using the trigger sprayer method because the applied solution is always fresh and clean.

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