Our EZ TREAT METAL CATALYST 50 is designed as step one (of two steps) for treating chelated solutions in wastewater processes. When partnered with our EZ TREAT OXYBREAK 25 (step two) these products rapidly break apart the chelation and allow the waste to be treated with traditional wastewater treatment practices using standard coagulants and polymers. EZ TREAT METAL CATALYST 50 has also been demonstrated as an effective treatment for molybdenum in waste streams.

– Treats HEDP, EDTA, NTA, and other chelated solutions

– Two-component system allows the process to be set up for the most efficient cost based on the specific requirements

– Proven and employed in large industrial wastewater processes

– Can be easily implemented in line with the overflowing chelated solution upstream from the traditional wastewater treatment process

– Simple to measure and manage

– EZ TREAT METAL CATALYST 50 should be fed separately and preferably upstream from the EZ TREAT OXYBREAK 25 feed.

As each system requires a different method and feed rate it is best to consult with a Dimachem Technical Representative to best set up the system.

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