EZ TREAT A07P is a very high molecular weight anionic copolymer, in powdered form. It is used to decrease settling time in wastewater treatment from pretreatment lines. Our EZ TREAT FLOC 300 is a pre-inverted form of this product.

– Rapid dissolution to form viscous gel-free solutions

– Highest available molecular weight for maximum efficiency as flocculants and setting aids

– Fill polymer day tank with water and turn on the mixers

– While mixing, slowly sprinkle EZ TREAT FLOC A07P into the day tank at 5 – 10g floc per litre of water

– The resulting polymer inversion is ready for use when the mixture is fully homogenized

The homogenized polymer inversion should be fed to the process at a rate of 1.5 – 15mL per 100L of wastewater processed. More or less may be required depending on the system’s ability to produce “pin-floc”. Consult with a Dimachem Technical Representative to achieve the system’s best results.