EZ TREAT FLOC 22 is a high molecular weight, medium charge density liquid cationic flocculant. EZ TREAT FLOC 22 has been designed for use in various sludge dewatering applications.

EZ TREAT FLOC 22 is effective as a coagulant to agglomerate suspended solids, increase sludge density in clarification and will also reduce and/or eliminate foam formation.

EZ TREAT FLOC 22 is also effective as a flocculant for reducing fines in thickener effluents and for improving efficiencies of filter presses, centrifuges and other dewatering equipment.

– Exceptional freeze-thaw recovery
– Six-month stable shelf life
– Rapid dissolution to form viscous gel-free solutions
– Highest available molecular weight for maximum efficiency as flocculants and settling aids.
– Extremely effective when treating oily wastewater

– Use as-received and feed at the point where flocculation is required.
– May also be inverted to an aqueous stock solution of 0.5 – 1.0%.
– Consult with your Dimachem Technical Representative for dosage rates and feed points.