EZ TREAT FERRIC CHLORIDE is an effective primary coagulant based on trivalent iron. This coagulant works as an alternative coagulant to our EZ TREAT CALCIUM CHLORIDE and is recognized for a wide spectrum of contaminant removal outside of phosphorus.

– Simple and efficient way to begin the treatment process of a wastewater stream

– Excellent phosphorus removal

– Economical

Our EZ TREAT FERRIC CHLORIDE dosage setting should be determined based on the system’s influent concentrations. This coagulant is typically added in the primary mixing tanks of the wastewater system, after any necessary pH adjustments. Consult with a Dimachem Technical Representative to ensure baseline dosage settings are adequate. Under ideal circumstances Dimachem’s best practice is to dose our EZ TREAT FERRIC CHLORIDE as soon as possible, after necessary pH adjustment, to ensure adequate retention time.