EZ TREAT COAGULANT RE3 is a highly concentrated wastewater treatment blend based on proprietary rare earth salts that are extremely effective in treating fluoride by replacing alum, ferric, and/or other inorganic salts. Our EZ TREAT COAGULANT RE3 may function as a primary coagulant as it works well with systems treating phosphate, however, is best used as a secondary coagulant to our EZ TREAT CALCIUM CHLORIDE or other primary coagulants.

– Rapid coagulation and floc formation

– Highly concentrated, only very low dose rates are required

– Can be used as the only coagulant or in conjunction with existing ones

– Can significantly reduce dosage rates of the primary coagulant if used as a secondary one

– Effective at low temperatures

– Wide range of pH effectiveness at low use dosages

– Produces fast settling and easily filterable sludge

When used as a secondary coagulant to our EZ TREAT CALCIUM CHLORIDE, EZ TREAT COAGULANT RE3 has demonstrated extremely effective treatment of a systems wastewater. To determine the best ratio of this coagulant and others, it is best to establish a baseline dosage setting while consulting a Dimachem Technical Representative to ensure the best results. Under ideal circumstances Dimachem’s best practice is to dose our EZ TREAT COAGULANT RE3 as soon as possible, after necessary pH adjustment, to ensure adequate retention time.

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