– Rapid coagulation and floc formation

– Highly concentrated, only very low dose rates are required

– Can significantly reduce dosage rates of primary coagulant

– Effective at low temperature

– Wide range of pH effectiveness at low use dosages

– Produces fast settling easily filterable sludge


When used as a secondary coagulant to EZ Treat Calcium Chloride treating primarily for phosphate, EZ Treat Coagulant 02 has demonstrated a reduction of EZ Treat Calcium Chloride consumption by half by operating at a ratio of 30 parts EZ Treat Calcium Chloride to 1 part EZ Treat Coagulant 02.

For example, if the EZ Treat Calcium Chloride is dosing at 1000ml/min into the system, feed

EZ Treat Coagulant 02 after the Chempac 03 addition. Reduce the EZ TREATTM Calcium Chloride to 500ml/min and the EZ TREATTM Coagulant 02 should be dosed at 17ml/min (500ml ÷ 30).

Always test and closely monitor systems when changing any dose rates. Please consult with your Dimachem Representative for recommendations that are specific to your process.


Dimachem distributes a complete range of Controllers and Metering pumps. We can help you in adding some automation to your WWT system. We can provide data logging units and we can also add Web interface so you can see your WWT performance live online. Please ask your Dimachem Specialist.

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