EZ TREAT COAGULANT 02 is a water-soluble, highly charged cationic polymer based on PAC chemistry. This product functions as a secondary coagulant to boost the effectiveness of our EZ TREAT CALCIUM CHLORIDE, often allowing the consumption of it to be cut in half. EZ TREAT COAGULANT 02 may also be used to completely replace alum, ferric, or other inorganic salts.

– Rapid coagulation and floc formation

– Highly concentrated, only very low dose rates required

– Can significantly reduce dosage rates of primary coagulants

– Effective at low temperatures

– Wide range of pH effectiveness at low use dosages

– Produces fast settling and easily filterable sludge

When used as a secondary coagulant to our EZ TREAT CALCIUM CHLORIDE, treating primarily for phosphate, EZ TREAT COAGULANT 02 has demonstrated effective treatment at a ratio of 30 parts EZ TREAT CALCIUM CHLORIDE to 1 part EZ TREAT COAGULANT 02. The ratio should be determined and confirmed with a Dimachem Technical Representative to ensure the best results.