EZ TREAT CALCIUM CHLORIDE is used as a traditional primary coagulant used in both continuous and batch wastewater treatment processes for the treatment of phosphate. This product is often used in conjunction with some of Dimachem’s other products such as; EZ TREAT FLOC 300, EZ TREAT COAGULANT 02, EZ TREAT CAUSTIC SODA LIQUID, EZ TREAT SULFURIC ACID 50%.

– Simplistic, cost-effective, and efficient way to begin the treatment process of most wastewater streams.

– Standardized formula that provides constant performance

– A liquid product which keeps the working environment free of chemical dust

Our EZ TREAT CALCIUM CHLORIDE is usually used at 5 parts EZ TREAT CALCIUM CHLORIDE to 1 part Phosphate in the waste stream to generate adequate pin floc. Under ideal circumstances Dimachem’s best practice is to dose our EZ TREAT CALCIUM CHLORIDE as soon as possible, after necessary pH adjustment, to ensure adequate retention time.

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