EZ STRIP ULTRA is a solvent-borne paint stripper formulated to remove solvent-borne, waterborne and powder paints at ambient temperatures.

– Safe for use on Aluminum, Galvanized and Steel substrates.

– Ambient operating temperature.

– One component design allows for a simple stripping application.

– Excellent alternative to methylene chloride paint strippers.

– Low evaporation rate vs traditional methylene chloride paint strippers.

– Non-carcinogenic.

1. EZ STRIP ULTRA must be applied neat. (Note, water dilution will quickly degrade the product and cause attack on amphoteric metals).

2. EZ STRIP OIL BLANKET recommended. The oil layer should be at least 3” thick. The oil blanket is effective at preventing water (via air humidity) from entering the bath and reduces solvent loss.

3. Application of EZ STRIP ULTRA should be followed by a water rinse. If parts are rinsed and need to be put back into the strip bath, they must be dried first.

4. The use of a corrosion inhibitor on the stripped substrate is highly recommended. Please consult with your DIMACHEM Canada Representative for corrosion inhibitor product recommendations.

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