The EZ STRIP MULTI-METAL and EZ STRIP MULTI-METAL ADDITIVE series paint stripping system is a liquid, moderately alkaline accelerated paint stripping system, particularly suited for difficult-to-remove baked or polymerized paint finishes from steel and zinc-ferrous alloys.

1. Does not contain methylene chloride.

2. Compatibility with a wide range of metal substrates

3. Excellent paint lifting, dissolving and prevention of paint re-deposition

4. Dissolving technology works well on inner channels/tubular parts

5. Easy rinsing

6. Prevention of flash rusting.

7. Excellent bath life


The EZ STRIP MULTI-METAL and EZ STRIP MULTI-METAL ADDITIVE are normally operated as follows:




pH: 11.8 – 12.4

Temperature: 170 – 200°F


Product concentrations and/or temperature requirements may be lower or higher than the outlined ranges depending on the finishes to be removed and/or the available stripping time. The use of bath agitation and filtration is highly recommended. Agitation is required to mix the two phases. A 3-5” EZ STRIP OIL BLANKET should be used providing that the equipment setup allows for the two phases to mix well without affecting the oil blanket. An EZ STRIP OIL BLANKET oil blanket is extremely effective at reducing heat and solvent loss from the bath. Strip times will vary and depend on many factors including paint type, paint thickness, process tank agitation, process bath paint solids level and temperature. The use of filtration and recycling/reclaim methods can significantly extend the bath life. Most paint types will dissolve into a solution. This means the paint forms into sludge. Paint sludge may be minimized by using canister equipment to remove large paint solids before they are dissolved. It has been demonstrated in the field that e-coat solids can be removed using an oil coalescer. Processed parts must be followed by rinse and corrosion inhibition stages. Many of Dimachem’s corrosion inhibitors may be used following the stripping bath. For additional application and product recommendations, consult with your Dimachem Representative.

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