1. Low-VOC with biodegradable surfactants and alcohols.

2. Operating temperature is ambient to 160F.

3. Single package charge up.

4. Highly effective Aluminum paint stripper, but also effective on CRS/HRS, Brass and Copper substrates.


Please note separate tanks are required.



1. Used in immersion baths only.

2. EZ STRIP™ ALUMINUM RTU is shipped as a dual phase MIX BEFORE USE!

3. Baths are typically made up at 100% (v/v) EZ STRIP™ ALUMINUM RTU.

4. Fresh baths may be charged using separate make-up products.

5. Agitation is highly recommended.

6. Maintain a 3 – 6” oil blanket using EZ STRIP™ OIL BLANKET.

7. Bath level is replenished with EZ STRIP™ ALUMINUM RTU.

8. Conductivity can be measured to track buildup of dissolved metals, paint etc. Note: A fresh bath typically has a conductivity of ~16mS/cm.

9. Full operating temperature range is Ambient – 160°F.

10. Use in an insulated, ventilated stainless steel tank.

11. Avoid any introduction of any free metals (iron, zinc etc) into the bath by means of racking or processing non-aluminum parts.