Our EZ STRIP 44L and EZ STRIP 44L ACCELERATOR series is a liquid, highly alkaline, accelerated paint stripping product which is particularly suited for difficult-to-remove baked-on or polymerized paint finishes from steel surfaces only.

– Improved paint strip rates versus traditional hot caustic baths

– Improved paint strip rates versus traditional solvent-accelerated packages

– Better paint solubility preventing pain re-deposition

– Easy rinsing

– Package aids in the prevention of flash rusting

– Excellent bath life

– Bath should be charged at 30-40% vv EZ STRIP 44L Base and 10-15% v/v EZ STRIP 44L ACCELERATOR

– Once charged, adding accelerator every day/shift is best practice. The volume should be proportionate to tank volume size.

– Measure the effectiveness of the bath with the use of a painted part and a 5 minute strip rate test. Under ideal parameters, an 80% strip rate should be achieved in the 5 minute window.


Consult with your Dimachem Technical Representative to best set up your bath, additional add volumes, and testing methods.

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