EZ KLEEN WELD PREP SERIES cleaners are fluoride-free, phosphoric acid-based oil and oxide removers used on parts prior to welding. EZ KLEEN WELD PREP SERIES products are designed for use predominantly on cold-rolled steel, hot rolled steel and aluminum substrates. They are designed to leave minimal residue on the surface even if rinsing is poor.

EZ KLEEN WELD PREP 2 has a much higher detergency level designed for heavy-duty cleaning.  It is a single component cleaning package equivalent to using FRESHKLEEN DETERGENT CW at 1 part for every 10 parts EZ KLEEN WELD PREP 1.


The application can be by spray or immersion, followed by a water rinse.

The typical concentration ranges are for either EZ KLEEN WELD PREP SERIES product and are intended for the majority of line conditions.  However, plant variables such as line speed, spray time and part length/style/configuration may require the control points to be changed.  Rinse water concentrations should be monitored and controlled by conductivity. Ferrous substrates may require a rust inhibitor depending on the subsequent steps of the operation. 

Consult with your Dimachem Technical Representative.  

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