EZ KLEEN TAR AND GLUE REMOVER effectively remove tar spots from vehicle paintwork and also removes adhesive residues left by labels and stickers.  It is a blend of solvents which give a quick, easy, safe clean finish.

– Safe to use on most painted surfaces

– A balanced blend of solvents, allowing rapid removal of tar and glue deposits

– Rapid dry

– Non-streaking

– Spot cleaner for removing rubber heel and tire marks

– Non-corrosive

Tar removal from vehicle paintwork:  Apply to a soft cloth, wipe over the affected area and leave to dry.

Removing label adhesive residues:  Apply to a soft cloth, rub into the affected area so that it is slightly damp.  Leave for 1 to 2 minutes then wipe away the dissolved residues.  Occasionally the adhesive will be softened but require the use of a plastic scraper to remove it.

Rubber heel marks and tire marks:  For spot cleaning apply Tar & Glue Remover to a soft cloth and rub over the marks.  The rubber will soften and fragment so that it can be wiped away.


Not suitable for use over large floor areas because of the possibility of vapour build up.