EZ KLEEN™ PARTS WASH 515 is a liquid alkaline cleaner for spray and immersion systems that operates over a wide temperature range. EZ KLEEN™ PARTS WASH 515 also works well in barrel cleaning, tumblers and deburring operations.

EZ KLEEN™ PARTS WASH 515 is recommended for cleaning a wide variety of soils and stamping oils from steel, galvanized and aluminum substrates. Certain aluminum substrates may be sensitive to the alkalinity level and should be tested prior. Consider EZ KLEEN™ PARTS WASH 515M for alloys that require a lower alkalinity level.

– Provides rust protection to ferrous parts

– Contains a low foaming surfactant package

– Contains unique water softening characteristics

– Has a built in bio resistance package to minimize and control bacteria

Concentration: 1.0 – 5.0 % v/v (1 to 5 gallons per 100 gallons)

Temperature: 90 – 120°F

Time: 60 – 120 seconds


Fill the operating tank to approximately 3⁄4 of the operating volume with city water. Add EZ Kleen Parts Wash 515M cleaner slowly with adequate mixing of the bath. If making up from a new tote/drum, mix EZ Kleen Parts Wash 515M before addition. Once the cleaner is added, bring the solution level up to the operating level with city water. Allow the solution to heat and mix thoroughly and then check the concentration. The proper concentration of EZ Kleen Parts Wash 515M may be determined by the control procedures in the following section. The optimum concentration of this cleaner will be determined by the substrates being processed, the equipment being used and the difficulty of removing the soils encountered. Your Dimachem representative will provide a recommendation for this concentration.


Free and Total Alkalinity

Using a 10 ml pipette, transfer 10 ml of the bath to a clean 150 ml beaker. Add 4‐5 drops of INDICATOR #5 (phenolphthalein) and titrate with TEST SOLUTION #4 (0.1N H2SO4) until the solution changes from pink to colourless. The number of ml of TEST SOLUTION #4 is recorded as the Free Alkalinity. Free Alkalinity x 0.83 equals %concentration.

Total Alkalinity can be determined by adding 3-4 drops of INDICATOR #2 (Bromocresol Green) to a fresh 10 ml sample of the cleaner in a 150 ml beaker. Titrate with TEST SOLUTION #4 until the solution changes colour from blue to yellow. The number of ml of TEST SOLUTION #4 is recorded as Total Alkalinity. Total Alkalinity x 0.73 equals %concentration.


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