EZ KLEEN™ PARTS WASH 114C is a broad spectrum temperature, near-neutral pH, silicate-free multi-metal cleaner. EZ KLEEN™ PARTS WASH 114C may be used in spray or immersion cleaning processes. EZ KLEEN™ PARTS WASH 114C may also be used in processes using Ion Exchange rinse water recycling and is NPE and OPE-free.

EZ KLEEN™ PARTS WASH 114C has a unique surfactant system that provides excellent cleaning capabilities for the preparation of copper, steel, zinc, zinc-alloy and aluminum surfaces. EZ KLEEN™ PARTS WASH 114C is excellent at cleaning all of these substrates but was specifically designed for cleaning copper alloys. The unique surfactant package provides copper with low surface tension and instant wetting for quick penetration and removal of soils.

EZ KLEEN™ PARTS WASH 114C is extremely effective in eliminating water break patterns on substrate surfaces that can occur between cleaning and rinsing stages, which often lead to non-uniformity and watermarks. The low operating pH makes the cleaner an excellent choice for use in mixed metal applications.

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