These tough nitrile gloves provide excellent grip for multiple uses. They are specially tailored for automotive technicians but plumbers and painters will also love them! They are thin enough for precise jobs yet strong enough to withstand repair shop applications while hiding dirt and oil.

– Effective on hardened cement concrete mortar grout mineral deposits.

– Specifically designed to work on all types of industrial equipment and hard surfaces (glass)

– Biodegradable

– Cost-effective. Saves replacing parts and repainting

– Simple to use as received. One application will handle the light industrial build-up

– Wear gloves and eye protection.

– Flush the surface to be cleaned with water and make sure the work surface is cool.

– Spray on evenly (or brush or sponge on) concrete/stucco debris areas and keep saturated for several minutes. Do not let dry.

– Some debris may already come off within a few minutes with a brush or sponge but you may also use a plastic scraper or the edge of a credit card to remove bigger chunks. If plastic scraping on glass go in one motion only and clean the plastic blade between passes.

– Depending on the concrete bond you may need 20-30 minutes of dwell time.