EZ KLEEN BURN-OFF REMOVER is a formulated product for removing ash and residue from surfaces that have had paint removed in a burn-off oven. EZ KLEEN BURN-OFF REMOVER removes the ash and soot from racks and parts prior to re-processing through a wash line. This prevents ash buildup in the washer and re-deposition on parts.

EZ KLEEN BURN-OFF REMOVER is completely miscible with water. The ratio used will be determined by the amount and type of soil present on the surface to be treated.

EZ KLEEN BURN-OFF REMOVER is recommended to be used at concentrations from 2 – 10% by volume applied by spray wand at low pressure. Hot water is recommended (120 – 180F). After soaking the surfaces, follow with a high-pressure city water rinse and a corrosion inhibitor such as EZ Guard Corrosion INHIB EYM.

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