EZ KLEEN 99M is a concentrated cleaning solution, used for rust removal applications in industrial and commercial water systems. As a sequestering agent, EZ KLEEN 99M can readily dissolve iron oxides into tight molecule formations securely so that they can no longer react. It is typically used in systems fouled with iron corrosion by-products.

EZ KLEEN 99M is a neutral pH cleaner and is environmentally friendly. It is suitable for closed recirculating systems.

EZ KLEEN 99M is primarily intended for closed recirculating chilled or hot water systems. The cleaning solution is used at dilutions ranging from 1% to 10% in the application. When used in smaller applications, EZ KLEEN 99M is advised to be diluted to a lower strength to prevent dislodging large particles which could cause blockages. The feed rate will depend on the extent of the corroding deposits and the amount of rust in the system.

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