EZ GUARD PHOS OIL 72 is an oil-based corrosion inhibitor designed for use on parts or on heavy phosphates to create a phos & oil coating that provides excellent indoor protection.

EZ GUARD PHOS OIL 72 forms a stable emulsion when diluted with water and dries quickly. When heated, the water phase will evaporate from the surface at room temperature and average humidity.

EZ GUARD PHOS OIL 72 is applied by immersion/dip, spray, or brush at room temperatures up to a maximum of 160°F. In general, the warmer the oil, the thinner the residual coating and the quicker it will dry. Since it is an emulsifiable technology it is both inherently safer than solvent-based products and is more tolerant/robust since it is forgiving regarding the water that will be dragged in.

Operating Concentration: 20 – 100% (v/v)
Operating Temperature: Ambient – 160°F
After applying, all recessed areas and pockets should be freed of the trapped solution.  

Always add water first and add EZ GUARD PHOS OIL 72 to the water while mixing.  For new baths, add water first, then add the required amount of EZ GUARD PHOS OIL 72 while mixing.  To replenish baths, make a premix first, adding the water to the container, followed by the EZ GUARD PHOS OIL 72 while mixing.  Then add this emulsion to the bath.

Using a 100ml graduated cylinder, fill with 50ml of the EZ GUARD PHOS OIL 72 bath.  Add 10ml of SULPHURIC ACID/PHOSPHORIC ACID test reagent.  Place a cap on the top of the cylinder and invert the cylinder to mix well.  Allow to sit for 8 hours and read the ml of oil floating on the top of the sample.  The ml of oil x 2 is the % v/v Operation Concentration.

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