EZ GUARD™ is a highly concentrated liquid corrosion inhibitor formulated for use in outdoor wood furnace boilers. Designed to protect your wood boiler/furnace from rust, corrosion, and scale.

Oxygen Scavenger and Cleans and Protects your boiler.

EZ GUARD™ Outdoor Boiler Treatment protects your wood boiler’s ferrous (iron) and non-ferrous (copper and brass) system components. It increases the life and increases the efficiency of your outdoor wood furnace boiler by making the water less corrosive, and prevents scale build-up. The amount of EZ GUARD™ Outdoor Boiler Treatment to add to your outdoor furnace/boiler depends on how many gallons of water your system holds. One gallon of EZ GUARD™ Outdoor Boiler Treatment treats 200 gallons of water. You will want to use this ratio after installation and anytime after you have drained and refilled the water in your wood boiler.

By using the EZ GUARD™ Nitrite Test Kit to maintain corrosion inhibitor levels (600 – 1000 ppm NaNO2), you can monitor the effectiveness of your system, adding EZ GUARD™ Outdoor

Boiler Treatment as required.

PLEASE NOTE: EZ GUARD™ Outdoor Boiler Treatment is a preventative boiler treatment product designed to minimize corrosion and extend the life of piping and equipment. It cannot correct the problems associated with continuous hardness and air ingression into the system.

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