EZ GUARD NFS is a nitrite-free water-based corrosion inhibitor. EZ GUARD NFS provides short-medium term (several weeks) indoor protection on ferrous metals. EZ GUARD NFS can typically remain on the surface of parts prior to welding and assembly.

1. Dry film with no residue.


2. No need to clean/remove prior to assembling and or welding processes.


3. Extremely versatile product. Can be applied via spray, immersion, during deburring and or during wet blasting.


4. Free of Sodium Nitrite and Caustic


5. Water-based technology


6. Sheeting action will apply evenly over surfaces even if they are not perfectly clean or if they have high surface tension


7. Concentrated product


8. Can be used ambient or heated for flash drying applications


9. A dry film with no residue

EZ GUARD NFS can be applied at ambient to 160°F. Higher temperatures are only used in order to aid with drying and are not required for the performance of the product. Spray and Immersion 1-3% Deburring 1-3% Wet Blast 1-2%

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