EZ GUARD LIGHT FILM 16 is a unique blend of petroleum solvents and corrosion inhibitors that allow superior corrosion resistance in virtually dry to the touch film. It is designed to be used as received and will impart an excellent corrosion-resistant film that achieves one-year indoor storage in most applications.

1. Dry to the touch protective film that virtually eliminates dripping or wicking of the product.


2. Provides up to one year of indoor protection.


3. Especially designed to be applied at room temperature.


4. Can be applied by spray, immersion or brush.


5. Completely displaces water while imparting a corrosion-resistant film.


6. Multi‐metal safe product.


7. Minimal odour. Does not have the typical petroleum solvent odour of most solvent‐based rust inhibitors. 

EZ GUARD LIGHT FILM 16 should always be applied to a clean surface by means of dipping, brush or coarse spray at temperatures of 40°F ‐ 95°F. EZ GUARD LIGHT FILM 16 should be applied as quickly as possible after cleaning, the solvent should be allowed to fully evaporate before parts are handled, packaged or stored.


EZ GUARD LIGHT FILM 16 will displace water; it can be applied to parts after a water rinse. Be sure to dump out trapped water in blind holes and cavities prior to applying. EZ GUARD LIGHT FILM 16 can be removed with any quality petroleum or alkaline cleaning compound. EZ GUARD LIGHT FILM 16 should not be applied without prior testing on non‐metallic parts, such as fabric, rubber, cork, paper or plastic.

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