EZ GUARD™ FILM SERIES is series of four oil-based rust preventative treatments that allow you to choose the level of film thickness you require. The four blends, EZ GUARD™ DRY FILM 10, EZ GUARD™ LIGHT FILM 16, EZ GUARD™ MEDIUM FILM 18, and EZ GUARD™ HEAVY FILM 19 are based on the same unique blend of petroleum solvents and corrosion inhibitors that allow superior corrosion resistance leaving behind a controllable film from dry to to wet to touch. They are designed to be used as received and will impart an excellent corrosion resistant film that exceeds one year in door storage in most applications.

EZ GUARD™ FILM SERIES is especially designed to be applied at room temperature by spray, immersion or brush application. However, in an immersion dip, its powerful water replacing benefits will impart the strongest corrosion resistant film. EZ GUARD™ FILM SERIES is a multi-metal safe product that does not have the typical petroleum solvent odour of solvent-based rust inhibitors. EZ GUARD™ FILM SERIES allows you a spectrum of application to choose the thickness of the film to best meet your requirements.