1. High-quality preventative oil which imparts a uniform film.


2. Allows for long-term rust protection and good inā€plant storage even under high humidity and acid vapour conditions.


3. Can be applied to hot metal.

EZ GUARDTM HEAVY FILM 19 is used as received. It should always be applied to a clean surface. Application methods include dipping, brushing or a coarse spray. Dipping is the preferred method of application and should be applied as soon after cleaning as possible. EZ GUARDTM HEAVY FILM 19 is water displacing rust preventative, therefore may be applied directly after a water rinse. However, water should be dumped out of blind holes and cavities of production pieces before applying. Water will go to the bottom of the EZ GUARDTM HEAVY FILM 19 tank and should be bled off periodically to prevent production pieces from being dipped in plain water and potential entrapment.