EZ GUARD 9310 Phosfree
Organosilicate based corrosion inhibitor



EZ GUARD 9310 incorporates advanced new proprietary technology based on amine neutralized organic acids which provide corrosion protection levels superior to older phosphorous-based “organics”. EZ GUARD 9310 has evolved specifically to meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs for chemistries that generate minimal environmental impact and comply with green building standards.

EZ GUARD 9310 is a complete inhibitor package formulated for direct addition to closed-loop heating and chilled water systems. EZ GUARD 9310 may be added using a bypass pot‐feeder, chemical injection pump, or essentially any convenient means. The normal feed rate for EZ GUARD 9310 is 5000 ppm v/v based on system capacity, or practically 1 L/200 L of system capacity. Best results using EZ GUARD 9310 will be achieved in new or clean well‐maintained systems. Prior to treating badly fouled systems, chemical cleaning using a compatible chemical cleaner is recommended. Please consult with your Dimachem Service Representative before initiating treatment and/or for specific cleaning recommendations. EZ GUARD 9310 as formulated is not intended for use in systems with aluminum heat exchangers. However, in many systems adjustments can be made to accommodate aluminum equipment. If you are planning changes or additions to your system that would incorporate aluminum, please discuss the chemistry changes required with your Dimachem Service Representative. Test by Potassium Test Kit #3138‐01.